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List of Presidents Who Died in Office

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This is a plain text List of Presidents who have died in office. Click the following to view the List of Assassinated U.S. Presidents instead. The distinction being assassinated president’s (such as Abraham Lincoln) are those that were murdered while in office. Meanwhile president’s who died in office include those that died of disease or illness (such as Warren Harding, supposedly). The list below this one details the U.S. Presidents with the year they died, as well as some background. This particular list was last updated in June of 2020 but we do not expect to be updating this regularly as only eight president’s in United States history have died while in office.

The plain text of presidents to die while in office (names only) is as follows:

William Henry Harrison
Zachary Taylor
Abraham Lincoln
James A. Garfield
William McKinley
Warren G. Harding
Franklin D. Roosevelt
John F. Kennedy

List of Presidents Who Died in Office By Year

Below is a List of President’s Who Died In Office By Year in chronological order in tabular form. Remember if you need an excel list of United States president’s who died in office, you just need to put your email in at the bottom of the page and the list will be emailed to you immediately.

Year President
1841 William Henry Harrison
1850 Zachary Taylor
1865 Abraham Lincoln
1881 James A. Garfield
1901 William McKinley
1923 Warren G. Harding
1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt
1963 John F. Kennedy


Presidents Who Died With Cause of Death

Finally, this list is still in chronological order and is still the list of president’s who died in office, but also includes the cause of death. Note we’ve already talked about the disputed nature of Harding’s death but for the purposes of this list, we’re going to call it a heart attack. 

Year President Cause of death
1841 William Henry Harrison Pneumonia
1850 Zachary Taylor Stomach disease
1865 Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
1881 James A. Garfield Assassinated
1901 William McKinley Assassinated
1923 Warren G. Harding Disputed/Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Cerebral hemorrhage
1963 John F. Kennedy Assassinated

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