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List of Assassinated U.S. Presidents

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This is a plain text List of Assassinated U.S. Presidents placed in chronological order. The list below this one details the Assassinated U.S. Presidents with the year they were murdered, as well as some background. This particular list was last updated in June of 2020 but we do not expect to be updating this regularly as only four president’s in United States history have been assassinated while in office.  Please let us know if the list is not up to date or contains factual or spelling errors.

The plain text of presidents to have been assassinated while in office (names only) is as follows:

Abraham Lincoln
James Garfield
William McKinley
John F. Kennedy

Note that though his death is not considered an assassination, the death of Warren G. Harding continues to generate a tremendous amount of controversy to this day. Not only is Harding widely considered to be one of the worst president’s in American history, but he also died in office under mysterious conditions. Though his official cause of death is listed as cardiac arrest, it’s quite unclear the role his estranged wife played. Fueling the controversy, the wife refused an autopsy and the coroner approved. This was indeed a different time when the wishes of the family overruled all other interested parties.

List of Assassinated President’s By Year

Below is a List of Assassinated President’s By Year in chronological order in tabular form. Remember if you need an excel list of United States president’s who were killed in office, simply input your email into the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a link to the excel immediately.

President Year
Abraham Lincoln 1865
James Garfield 1881
William McKinley 1901
John F. Kennedy 1963


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