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List of Countries with Nuclear Weapons

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This is a plain text List of Countries with Nuclear Weapons, placed in order by the year that the country acquired the ability. For example the United States, who first acquired nuclear weapons at the end of World War II in 1945, appears first on the list. Meanwhile North Korea, who acquired Nuclear Weapons as recently as 2006, appears last on the list.

In the first section we’ll simply provide a clean text list of the countries that have acquired nuclear weapons for easy copying and pasting. In the subsequent section, we’ll list the countries with the corresponding year that they acquired the weapons.

Full List of Nuclear Capable Countries

Alas, here is the full list of nuclear capable countries (that we know of) as of June, 2020.

United States
United Kingdom
North Korea

List of Countries With Nuclear Weapons In Tabular Form

Now here is the same list , in the same order, of countries that have nuclear weapons only we’ve also included the year that each country acquired the weapons. Outside of North Korea, whose payload capabilities are in serious doubt, every country on the list possesses intercontinental ballistic missiles, meaning they can reach virtually any spot on earth if needed.

The United States first acquired nuclear weapons after an intensive development process called the Manhattan Project which enlisted some of the countries top minds including Physicists Richard Feynman and Robert Oppenheimer. Israel, who acquired nuclear capabilities in 1979 following a series of successful espionage strategy on the United States. Pakistan, whose arch-rival India acquired nuclear weapons in 1974, finally successfully tested a nuclear weapon in 1998. The last country to do so before North Korea’s successful test in 2006.

Country Year Since
United States 1945
Russia 1949
United Kingdom 1952
France 1960
China 1964
India 1974
Israel 1979
Pakistan 1998
North Korea 2006

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