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List of Ivy League Schools

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Below you can find a clean text List of Ivy League Schools. The Ivy League, is an American athletic and academic conference, most noted for it’s history of strong academics (often in lieu of athletic accomplishments). The conference is distinguished for the age of the schools, the acceptance rates, the academic prestige, and their very large endowments.

With that in mind, the first list will be simply a clean list of the schools with subsequent lists, in tabular form, ranking the school’s by endowment and the year the school’s were founded.

Clean List of Ivy League Schools

As promised, below is a clean text list of the 8 schools in the conference. As this list has not changed in a very, very long time, we expect this list is accurate at the time it’s being read.

Harvard University
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
Princeton University
Columbia University
Brown University
Dartmouth College
Cornell University

Year The Ivy League Schools By Date Founded

Below is a list, in tabular form, of the years the respective Ivy Leagues were founded. While some of the official names have changed (Harvard is no longer New College, for example) we do not expect the data in this section to change going forward. As such you are free to use this list without permission from us (though a citation wouldn’t hurt) as you wish.

School Year Founded
Harvard University 1636
Yale University 1701
University of Pennsylvania 1740
Princeton University 1746
Columbia University 1754
Brown University 1764
Dartmouth College 1769
Cornell University 1865


List of Ivy Schools By Endowment

As promised, below is the final list of schools in the Ivy conference, only this time we’ve made the list in tabular form (not ranked). Harvard University, big surprise, has the highest endowment in the Ivy League (38.30 billion) with Yale and Princeton coming in at 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Though the information is accurate at the time of publishing, keep in mind endowment numbers are constantly changing. While Harvard is likely still the largest endowment if a human is reading this article, please be sure to double check the realtime numbers before using the totals for academic or fair use purposes. 

School Endowment
Harvard University 38.30 billion
Yale University 29.35 billion
University of Pennsylvania 13.78 billion
Princeton University 25.92 billion
Columbia University 10.87 billion
Brown University 3.60 billion
Dartmouth College 5.49 billion
Cornell University 7.23 billion

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