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List of NFL MVPs

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This is a plain text list of NFL MVPs according to the AP (Associated Press). Prior to 1961, the first few NFL MVP’s were disputed due to a lack of a formal body to announce the award. Thus this list starts with Paul Hornung in 1961 and ends with Lamar Jackson in 2019. Therefore remember that 2020 was the last time this list was updated.

Also note that the NFL MVP award has been split twice. In 1997 between Brett Favre and Barry Sanders. As well as in 2003 between Peyton Manning and Steve McNair.

Paul Hornung
Jim Taylor
Y. A. Tittle
Johnny Unitas
Jim Brown
Bart Starr
Johnny Unitas
Earl Morrall
Roman Gabriel
John Brodie
Alan Page
Larry Brown
O. J. Simpson
Ken Stabler
Fran Tarkenton
Bert Jones
Walter Payton
Terry Bradshaw
Earl Campbell
Brian Sipe
Ken Anderson
Mark Moseley
Joe Theismann
Dan Marino
Marcus Allen
Lawrence Taylor
John Elway
Boomer Esiason
Joe Montana
Joe Montana
Thurman Thomas
Steve Young
Emmitt Smith
Steve Young
Brett Favre
Brett Favre
Brett Favre/Barry Sanders
Terrell Davis
Kurt Warner
Marshall Faulk
Kurt Warner
Rich Gannon
Peyton Manning/Steve McNair
Peyton Manning
Shaun Alexander
LaDainian Tomlinson
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning
Tom Brady
Aaron Rodgers
Adrian Peterson
Peyton Manning
Aaron Rodgers
Cam Newton
Matt Ryan
Tom Brady
Patrick Mahomes
Lamar Jackson

Plain Text List of NFL MVP’s With Years in Tabular Form

Below you’ll find a list of the NFL MVPs, again in chronological order, but including the years the award was won. Please let us know if you spot any errors. A final list of NFL MVP’s including team names can be found in the section below.

1961 Paul Hornung
1962 Jim Taylor
1963 Y. A. Tittle
1964 Johnny Unitas
1965 Jim Brown
1966 Bart Starr
1967 Johnny Unitas
1968 Earl Morrall
1969 Roman Gabriel
1970 John Brodie
1971 Alan Page
1972 Larry Brown
1973 O. J. Simpson
1974 Ken Stabler
1975 Fran Tarkenton
1976 Bert Jones
1977 Walter Payton
1978 Terry Bradshaw
1979 Earl Campbell
1980 Brian Sipe
1981 Ken Anderson
1982 Mark Moseley
1983 Joe Theismann
1984 Dan Marino
1985 Marcus Allen
1986 Lawrence Taylor
1987 John Elway
1988 Boomer Esiason
1989 Joe Montana
1990 Joe Montana
1991 Thurman Thomas
1992 Steve Young
1993 Emmitt Smith
1994 Steve Young
1995 Brett Favre
1996 Brett Favre
1997 Brett Favre/Barry Sanders
1998 Terrell Davis
1999 Kurt Warner
2000 Marshall Faulk
2001 Kurt Warner
2002 Rich Gannon
2003 Peyton Manning/Steve McNair
2004 Peyton Manning
2005 Shaun Alexander
2006 LaDainian Tomlinson
2007 Tom Brady
2008 Peyton Manning
2009 Peyton Manning
2010 Tom Brady
2011 Aaron Rodgers
2012 Adrian Peterson
2013 Peyton Manning
2014 Aaron Rodgers
2015 Cam Newton
2016 Matt Ryan
2017 Tom Brady
2018 Patrick Mahomes
2019 Lamar Jackson


List of All NFL MVP’s With Years and Team Names in Tabular Form

Below is a list of MVP’s including the year the award was won and the team they were on when they won it. Note that the two times the award was split. Brett Favre was a member of the Packers and Barry Sanders the Lions (denoted by hyphen). Additionally Peyton Manning was a member of the Colts, while Steve McNair was a member of the Titans.

1961 Paul Hornung Green Bay Packers
1962 Jim Taylor Green Bay Packers
1963 Y. A. Tittle New York Giants
1964 Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts
1965 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns
1966 Bart Starr Green Bay Packers
1967 Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts
1968 Earl Morrall Baltimore Colts
1969 Roman Gabriel Los Angeles Rams
1970 John Brodie San Francisco 49ers
1971 Alan Page Minnesota Vikings
1972 Larry Brown Washington Redskins
1973 O. J. Simpson Buffalo Bills
1974 Ken Stabler Oakland Raiders
1975 Fran Tarkenton Minnesota Vikings
1976 Bert Jones Baltimore Colts
1977 Walter Payton Chicago Bears
1978 Terry Bradshaw Pittsburgh Steelers
1979 Earl Campbell Houston Oilers
1980 Brian Sipe Cleveland Browns
1981 Ken Anderson Cincinnati Bengals
1982 Mark Moseley Washington Redskins
1983 Joe Theismann Washington Redskins
1984 Dan Marino Miami Dolphins
1985 Marcus Allen Los Angeles Raiders
1986 Lawrence Taylor New York Giants
1987 John Elway Denver Broncos
1988 Boomer Esiason Cincinnati Bengals
1989 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers
1990 Joe Montana San Francisco 49ers
1991 Thurman Thomas Buffalo Bills
1992 Steve Young San Francisco 49ers
1993 Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys
1994 Steve Young San Francisco 49ers
1995 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers
1996 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers
1997 Brett Favre/Barry Sanders Green Bay Packers/Detroit Lions
1998 Terrell Davis Denver Broncos
1999 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams
2000 Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams
2001 Kurt Warner St. Louis Rams
2002 Rich Gannon Oakland Raiders
2003 Peyton Manning/Steve McNair Indianapolis Colts/Tennessee Titans
2004 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts
2005 Shaun Alexander Seattle Seahawks
2006 LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers
2007 Tom Brady New England Patriots
2008 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts
2009 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts
2010 Tom Brady New England Patriots
2011 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
2012 Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings
2013 Peyton Manning Denver Broncos
2014 Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers
2015 Cam Newton Carolina Panthers
2016 Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons
2017 Tom Brady New England Patriots
2018 Patrick Mahomes Kansas City Chiefs
2019 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens



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