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List of World Series MVPs

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This is a plain text List of World Series MVPs. If you want the excel list of List of World Series MVPs, simply put your email address at the bottom of the page and will be emailed to you immediately. As of June 2020, there have been 67 world series MVP’s have been named. This list begins with Stephen Strasburg who was MVP of 2019 World Series. This list ends with the first World Series MVP ever: Johnny Podres.

Stephen Strasburg
Steve Pearce
George Springer
Ben Zobrist
Salvador Perez
Madison Bumgarner
David Ortiz
Pablo Sandoval
David Freese
Edgar Renteria
Hideki Matsui
Cole Hamels
Mike Lowell
David Eckstein
Jermaine Dye
Manny Ramirez
Josh Beckett
Troy Glaus
Curt Schilling
Randy Johnson
Derek Jeter
Mariano Rivera
Scott Brosius
Livan Hernandez
John Wetteland
Tom Glavine
Paul Molitor
Pat Borders
Jack Morris
Jose Rijo
Dave Stewart
Orel Hershiser
Frank Viola
Ray Knight
Bret Saberhagen
Alan Trammell
Rick Dempsey
Darrell Porter
Ron Cey
Pedro Guerrero
Steve Yeager
Mike Schmidt
Willie Stargell
Bucky Dent
Reggie Jackson
Johnny Bench
Pete Rose
Rollie Fingers
Reggie Jackson
Gene Tenace
Roberto Clemente
Brooks Robinson
Donn Clendenon
Mickey Lolich
Bob Gibson
Frank Robinson
Sandy Koufax
Bob Gibson
Sandy Koufax
Ralph Terry
Whitey Ford
Bobby Richardson
Larry Sherry
Bob Turley
Lew Burdette
Don Larsen
Johnny Podres

List of World Series MVP’s With Team Names

Below is a list of World Series MVP’s with the team names and years that the player was named the MVP. Remember these are not regular season MVP’s, but only MVP’s of the World Series. If you need an excel of this list, please simply put your email in the form at the bottom and the list will be emailed to you in an excel sheet that you can manipulate as you need.

Year Player Team
2019 Stephen Strasburg Washington Nationals
2018 Steve Pearce Boston Red Sox
2017 George Springer Houston Astros
2016 Ben Zobrist Chicago Cubs
2015 Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals
2014 Madison Bumgarner San Francisco Giants
2013 David Ortiz Boston Red Sox
2012 Pablo Sandoval San Francisco Giants
2011 David Freese St. Louis Cardinals
2010 Edgar Renteria San Francisco Giants
2009 Hideki Matsui New York Yankees
2008 Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies
2007 Mike Lowell Boston Red Sox
2006 David Eckstein St. Louis Cardinals
2005 Jermaine Dye Chicago White Sox
2004 Manny Ramirez Boston Red Sox
2003 Josh Beckett Florida Marlins
2002 Troy Glaus Anaheim Angels
2001 Curt Schilling Arizona Diamondbacks
2001 Randy Johnson Arizona Diamondbacks
2000 Derek Jeter New York Yankees
1999 Mariano Rivera New York Yankees
1998 Scott Brosius New York Yankees
1997 Livan Hernandez Florida Marlins
1996 John Wetteland New York Yankees
1995 Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves
1993 Paul Molitor Toronto Blue Jays
1992 Pat Borders Toronto Blue Jays
1991 Jack Morris Minnesota Twins
1990 Jose Rijo Cincinnati Reds
1989 Dave Stewart Oakland Athletics
1988 Orel Hershiser Los Angeles Dodgers
1987 Frank Viola Minnesota Twins
1986 Ray Knight New York Mets
1985 Bret Saberhagen Kansas City Royals
1984 Alan Trammell Detroit Tigers
1983 Rick Dempsey Baltimore Orioles
1982 Darrell Porter St. Louis Cardinals
1981 Ron Cey Los Angeles Dodgers
1981 Pedro Guerrero Los Angeles Dodgers
1981 Steve Yeager Los Angeles Dodgers
1980 Mike Schmidt Philadelphia Phillies
1979 Willie Stargell Pittsburgh Pirates
1978 Bucky Dent New York Yankees
1977 Reggie Jackson New York Yankees
1976 Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
1975 Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds
1974 Rollie Fingers Oakland Athletics
1973 Reggie Jackson Oakland Athletics
1972 Gene Tenace Oakland Athletics
1971 Roberto Clemente Pittsburgh Pirates
1970 Brooks Robinson Baltimore Orioles
1969 Donn Clendenon New York Mets
1968 Mickey Lolich Detroit Tigers
1967 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
1966 Frank Robinson Baltimore Orioles
1965 Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers
1964 Bob Gibson St. Louis Cardinals
1963 Sandy Koufax Los Angeles Dodgers
1962 Ralph Terry New York Yankees
1961 Whitey Ford New York Yankees
1960 Bobby Richardson New York Yankees
1959 Larry Sherry Los Angeles Dodgers
1958 Bob Turley New York Yankees
1957 Lew Burdette Milwaukee Braves
1956 Don Larsen New York Yankees
1955 Johnny Podres Brooklyn Dodgers

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