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List of NAFTA Countries

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This is a plain text list of List of NAFTA Countries in alphabetical order. Below this list we will provide a second list of the countries ranked by the year they joined the coalition.

NAFTA stands for the North American Free Trade Agreement and was entered into by three charter countries after two years of negotiation, beginning in 1990. Despite being just three countries deep, the geographical reach of NAFTA is tremendous covering central America all the way up to the North Pole.

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Full List of NAFTA Countries

Alas, here is the full list of countries that entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement.

United States

List of NAFTA Countries with Year of Induction

Additionally, below is the list of NAFTA countries with the year that they became members. This list is going to be the same three countries as above except placed in tabular form and includes the years. Again, all lists (including the excel) are free to be used for any commercial or independent  purpose that you so desire.

Note though the agreement was reached in 1992, after two years of discussion, the agreement was not officially ratified until 1993.

NAFTA Countries Year
Canada 1993
Mexico 1993
United States 1993


Just to be absolute clear, you are permitted to use this list of NAFTA members in any way you see fit whether it be for personal, educational or commercial purposes. You don’t even need to ask. In fact, we’d prefer it if you didn’t. Unable to find the format you were looking for? Please feel free to reach out to us on Social Media to address any errors (or lack of updates) that you find with the list.


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